Code of Conduct

These rules were officially updated on 1/7/2019

So you want to come to TFS event? Awesome! We ask that everyone who attends Furst State events follow these rules, for the enjoyment of all who attend:
Please RSVP if the meet you are attending asks you to do so. It saves us all a lot of trouble and stress if we know how many people we can expect to show up!

Public Behavior
Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at our events. If you have been the target of harassment, we urge you to report the incident immediately to a member of staff or a member of Security. The sooner an issue is reported to us, the more appropriately we can address it.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to:
(a) Physical assault, battery, stalking, or unwelcome physical attentions.
(b) Conduct, dress, or speech that targets, threatens, intimidates, or is otherwise intended to cause distress to other attendees, or members of protected classes (such as those based on race, age, religion, national origin, disability, gender, or sexual identity).

While at a furmeet you are expected to remain and act in a civil manner. Rough housing, overly affectionate public displays of affection, and destructive behavior are prohibited. Harassment, stalking, or unwanted contact will be met with a "one-strike" or zero-tolerance policy, "No" means "No" always. Remember: "A costume does not imply consent." Please be courteous to other attendees, vendor staff, and non-furmeet guests at all times.
Also remember that we are in a public setting. These events are family friendly affairs and oftentimes this is people's first exposure to furry at large. Remember that we need to present "those people who dress up like animals" in as positive a light as possible. We're the ambassadors of the furry fandom for the people we encounter.

It is assumed that you will posses a good sense of hygiene while at the Furst State furmeets. If you are bearing a noticeable offensive odor, you will be asked to rectify it or possibly be removed from the event. It is encouraged that attendees take a shower before coming to meets. Fursuiters will be given a little bit of lee-way when it comes to this rule after de-suiting based on the Organizers' judgment.

Fursuits are not allowed at any meet taking place in a restaurant, for practicality and hygienic reasons. Fursuits are allowed at the delaware furbowls, arcade meets, and New Years Furry Ball. If you aren't sure if you will be allowed to wear a fursuit or not to a meet, ask the meet organizer!

Alcoholic consumption should be kept within moderation and may only be consumed by adults over 21. Buying alcohol for minors is strictly forbidden by Furst State rules and Delaware State Law. If you are found out to be supplying alcohol to a minor we will be obligated to contact the police. If you are approached by a minor to acquire alcohol for them then say "No" and report it to an organizer.
If someone becomes too intoxicated they will be asked to leave the event prematurely and be issued a warning.

No actual weapons or any item that can be easily mistaken for one may be carried either openly or concealed at any time in our event spaces, regardless of any government permits which you may possess. Exceptions may be made only for duly appointed law enforcement officers. Personal pocket knives with single-edged blades less than 4 inches long are permitted. If it is found out you are concealing a weapon you will be restricted from the all future Furst State events.

Pet Policy
Pets are not permitted in convention space. Service dogs (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA, Title II) are permitted in all event spaces accessible to members provided that they are under appropriate control. Emotional Support Animals and Therapy Animals are NOT considered service dogs by the ADA, and are not permitted in event spaces.

Dress Code
Tails, ears, collars, and other furry accessories are allowed at all meets, unless otherwise specified. The only exception to this are leashes which will be asked to be removed if seen. Also, no fetish, BDSM, or extremely revealing clothing will be permitted at the Furst State meets and if you have such gear or clothing on you will be asked to remove it and change to something that fits within Furst state furmeet rules.

Respect of Property
During meets please respect the property of the vendors we attend. This means no climbing on, damaging, etc of the equipment of the vendors.
It is expected you not litter at the vendors and clean up after yourselves during and after the event.
If an attendee does damage vendor property they will be held responsible for cost of repairs and any applicable fines.

Sales of Goods & Services
The offering for sale of any goods or services at our events may be undertaken only in appropriate and authorized areas such as the artist's alley or dealers' den; in all cases the sale will be governed by the rules applicable to those areas. Sales may only be made at authorized times, and by registered, authorized Dealerships or registered, authorized Artist's Alley participants. It is not permitted to sell any other goods or services in any other areas.

Minors and Parental Consent
In the case of minors 13 years of age or older, it will be assumed that any parents or legal gaurdians have granted permission for their attendance and the Delaware Furbowl, The Furst State, and the current vendor will not assume responsibility for their actions or conduct.
Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while at any Furst State furmeet.

Release of Liability for Personal Injury
The Furst State will not be responsible for any personal injury due to neglect of event venue or TFS rules, or due to rough-housing during events.
In addition, any costumers must relieve the venue of any responsibility when it comes to personal injury relating to or dealing with costumes and/or masks.

Release of Liability for Personal Belongings
All event attendees will take responsibility for their own belongings. Neither TFS or the event venue will be held responsible for missing or damaged items.